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manhattan-bound commuter trn . i got thrown across back and forth, came to a halt, people were screaming. >> commuters flying as a train runs of the track. the dangerous curb that claim four lives. >> the death of a young hollywood star, the father of paul walker is dealing with news that a violent crash killed his son. >> wow, it's the best early christmas present we could imagine. >> 10 minutes under water for a toddler, but we hear from the people who pulled him out and there's a happy ending. >> tomorrow's commute is expected to be a tough one near new york city. rescue be recovery crews are working in the wreckage of a
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train that killed four and injured 60. the train was rounding a sharp curve on the way to manhattan this morning. >> the governor of new york is asking people to keep the vehicle's families and survivors in their thoughts as investigators try to figure out how this derailment happens. >> ray seven car metro north train jumped the tracks with the first car coming to a stop at the waters edge. it happened on a curve section of the track. >> it made a loud shifts noise and the next thing i know two people come flying at me. >> about 100 passengers were on the train. the bodies of three victims were found on the ground. a fourth was removed from inside the train. police divers searched the water on the make sure no one
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was thrown in. on a workday fully occupied would have been a tremendous thing. >> i got thrown across back and forth and came to a halt and there were people screaming. >> fire crews used air bags to free trapped passengers and cut the cars to get people out. >> it happened a half mile from another recall -- derailment. >> we anticipate interviewing the train crews in the next day or two. a law enforcement source says a train operator applied the brakes but they cannot function. >> we asked ntsb what the recommended speed is around the curve, the lead investigator said the max is 30 miles an hour, we're told that the information from the data
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should be available in the next day. >> and you're looking inside one of the cars, it's on its side, this picture was taken by a passenger who says she was on her way to work. she was sleeping but woke up before the train flipped. >> investigators are looking into speed claimed the life of paul walker. greg mills spoke with the actor's father. >> every time i saw him i told him i love him and he told me the same thing. >> paul walker's father is trying to deal with his son. one of four children they raised in sunland. today friends and family got together here. you can't beat friends at a time like this. his brothers are taking it
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hard. walker leaves behind a 15-year- old daughter, meadow. >> he would say i much time to be with her. >> he's best known for "fast and furious" movie franchise. my daughter baby sat her. >> said his acting career started a long time ago. his mother had him in the pampers commercial. walker loved the fast cars he was known for. he and his body hosted a fundraiser for his charity yesterday. >> his heart was so big, i was proud of him every day of his life. there were hot car at the fundraiser including this red 2005 porsche. >> roger got in the car and
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moved it. paul walker moved in, looked at us and said i'll be back in five minutes. >> the car was speeding as they returned to the warehouse. there's skid marks on the road. >> fans of paul walker have been coming to crash site. some have signed a message board. others wanted to drive the route he took. a movie studio met to discuss what to do about his role which has been partially shot in the upcoming fast and furious movie. developing news out of vallejo, how close a toddler came to drowning, brian webb spoke with the first responders who likely saved had boy's life. it was a typical day when a 911 call came from from a district over. when a boy is drowning you don't worry about the address.
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i was working out in the gym, i was in a t-shirt and shorts. a two-year-old fell in the pond while fishing with his grandmother. she couldn't find him. diana jumped in. >> he had drifted underneath the road and was suspended. i saw him and grabbed on him and stood on the bottom and handed him off. >> apprentice firefighters six no's -- months on the job started chest compression and prayers. >> when it's pete at rick it's -- pediatric it's an eerie feeling. >> the water is cold, that with the fact this boy is young probably saved his life. incredibly cold. with that the child has a better chance to make a full
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recovery. word reached the crew the boy was doing better. he's expected make a full recovery my -- that's the best early christmas present. >> just another day on the job at fire station 23, saving live as long the way. >> so the little boy is recovering at oakland children hospital. his grandmother had to be treated for hypothermia and shock. >> a meeting in bay view district to sell a video gaming system ended in a fatal shooting. police say the victim agreed to meet at the site. they believe the suspect robbed victim and shot the victim. he died at the hospital. you heard there's a big cooldown coming in the bay area, oakland set a record high of 69 degrees, when you have
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unusually warm weather it is followed by unusually cool weather. high pressure kept us nice and dry and warm and will do that tomorrow. a cool down tomorrow. low pressure will collapse temperature over the bay area, beginning on tuesday. so much will temperature come down, if you compare the highs tomorrow, the forecast highs and the highs thursday, numbers will be down by as much as 20 degrees. by thursday the warmest temperature inland will be in the upper 40s. freeze warnings are a sure bet by wednesday night. that's the expectations. wednesday, thursday, saturday we'll have sub freezing in the bay area. checking bay area headlines, the city of santa on rosa will discuss ways to remember a taker killed by a sheriff deputy. andy lopez was shot last
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october while carrying a toy gun. the county supervisors will consider naming a park after andy. >> riders be on alert this holiday season. robberies and cell phone snatchings have been a problem. they want people to be careful with their belongings and alert. it's taken 150 years but the sludge generated in the sierra nevada has washed out to sea. the water in san francisco bay is getting clearer. the downside the cleaner water lets in more sunlight and causing morale key the -- more alge to grow. air traffic has slowed to a crawl. arriving travelers from boston reported no problems or delays.
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>> actually it was quiet in boston, we were surprised. it seems quiet here too. seems like everyone went home. final figures won't be in until tomorrow. but it was predicted a 1.5% increase. earlier today all three bay area airports were bustling. but a local airport has seen a decline in recent years. >> fully loaded airliners drop on the runways, others wait to take off. at the end of one of the busiest periods. a bart train arrives inside. after billions spent in upgrades they are benefitting from travel. follow the line. not that it's fun for travelers. >> the rest go through this way. this line is crazy. i board in 35 minutes.
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>> stung by the downturn the passenger count plunged. a spokesman said the numbers reflect passengers losses to sfo as passengers chase the low fares. san jose airport touted 10 straight months of 5% increases of passengers, despite facing problems oakland faced. air travel would be down 4% to 3 million travelers. the economy may be improving but not fast enough for some. aaa travel is projecting a 3.7 decrease in holiday travel this year. it's click versus brick this holiday season. the predictions about cybermonday. state lawmakers is getting a pay raise, but not everybody is taking it.
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>> letting the mountain lions live. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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friday... and "small busine" saturday... hard to believe there's any point to "cyber mo . we've survived gray
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thursday, black friday, small business saturday, tomorrow is the day you are expected to log on and shop more. retailers are trying to entice us, they have been doing that for weeks analyst predict $2 billion in online sales thanks to apps that help us find the bargains. the web site for obamacare has been undergoing repairs. engineers have fixed 400 bugs. the health care web site can handle up to 800,000 users a day. the response time has dropped from eight seconds to one second. >> we have a much more stable system that's reliably open for business. at the end of the day we need high system up time so consumers can seek information, fill out applications, shop and enroll. the error rate is less than 1%.
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california lawmakers will have extra cash this holiday season. they are getting a raise. some are refusing to take it. >> wallets in sacramento are fatter today. lawmakers are getting a raise amounting to more than 5%. the state citizen compensation commission approved it in june. >> that's after we took a 23% cut. >> that commission cut lawmakers pay during the recession. senator hill cut his own even more. this is done by an independant third party evaluation and committee that sets the standards and they can raise the pay or lower it in times
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when times were tough. >> but 12 members won't accept the extra cash. one quoted as saying i don't think taking a raise when we raised taxes with prop 30 made sense. another since california economy continues to struggle i do not believe it is appropriate. per diem pay will go up from 142-dollars a day to 163, $10 less than before the cuts. hill says it's needed with the high cost of living in california. we don't want to be just the wealthy, everyone can participate and live in their communities. >> even before this raise california lawmakers were the highest paid in the nation, but they don't receive pensions and many other state legislatures only meet on a part-time basis. a new state law protecting mountain lions is being
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celebrated by wildlife lovers, s b-1 32 changes the way fish and game officers deal with the officers requiring nonlethal measures if the lion poses no threat to people. >> up to now it was safer just to kill the lion. >> it was a year ago today fish and game shot and killed two orphan cubs. at the time that was the policy, the new law gives authorities more flexibility to capture and relocate errant lions. we begin the climb to cool temperature with the numbers falling into the 50s tonight. most locations reporting clear skies. and temperature now are down to the 50-degree range around concord, oakland, livermore, and santa rosa 46 as we look
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live from the top of the studios here in san francisco, to the bay bridge. wind speeds calm, that will help temperature plummet. we won't be freezing tonight. but by midweek, there could be freezing temperature all the way back to the coastline. that's by wednesday through saturday. forecast low, napa 40 degrees, san francisco 49, san jose 49 degrees, 47 at mountain view. it will be chilly to start off the day. sunny and chilly around the bay and inland. numbers in the mid-40ss to low 50s. a notch out of the high temperature from today. upper 60s inland. that's above average. at the coast in the mid-60's, and the north bay will begin a cool down. what's happening this pocket of
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cold air is slowly going to press south over the next 48 hours. coming down toward the bay area. the jet stream sinks and the cold air closer. one more mild day and we may not see mild weather again, we may not have temperature in the upper 60s maybe until the early part of the spring. we'll see, we're in for a change and it will be around for a while. one more mild day tomorrow. a chill on tuesday. cold in the bay area. i don't know if the blinking penguin will feel the freeze. but freeze warnings by wednesday. and the temperature will fall like a set of the car keys. forecast high for tomorrow, down to 52 degrees by tuesday and down to 49 and 47 by thursday. the temperatures are going to
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come down, warmer in the eastern seaboard than the bay area by the middle part of the week. new orleans 73 degrees. in san francisco 63, that's above average. livermore is 9 degrees above average. san jose in the mid-60's. down in the south bay mid-60's. 61 in half moon bay. in the east bay numbers in the mid-60's. and cooler, up in the far north, 62 degrees at lake port. numbers collapse, big chill bay area midweek and it will stay that way through the weekend. next chance for rain late in the weekend. the legend is back where he was least expect the ed -- expected. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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should win the emmy award f composure... she kept it wscast was -- . wait until you see this, a midwest anchor women should win an emmy award for composure. >> good evening, i'm ron burgundy, thanks for joining us tonight. the real ron burgundy joined the news team in bismarck, north dakota. you can see he read several news story and chatted with the anchors for the promotion for anchorman sequel. when he told bismarck to stay
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classy the microphone had been turned off. >> i assume he's taking the show on the road. >> it works in bismarck. perhaps. >> see if it works here. >> ahead, what football program is the stop school in the country? where does stanford fall. take it easy. i think the 49ers would have lost. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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...florida st is #1, followy ohio state, auburn, alabama missouri. stanford is up to #7... they play ariz st for . the bcs rankings are out. florida state number 1. stanford number 7. you're looking at the rams and 49ers, michael crabtree back six months after tearing his
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achilles tendon. >> he wasn't down long, kaepernick look and found him, look what happened. davis gets it and hurdles into the end zone. the 49ers improve to 8-4. peyton manning and the broncos threw for five touchdowns and they win it 35-28. steph curry gives the warriors the lead, but sacramento had the last shot. thomas playing beat the clock. five, thomas to the rim. bogut gets the rebound. warriors win. >> the warriors get a road win, bogut came through with the big block. 115 to 113. >> thanks.
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and just like that, that will do it for us at 10:00. we'll be at channel five at 11:00. we'll see you then. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[popping] [whispering loudly] i'm hungry. mooovie monday! the only cure i know for the monday blues is... varsity blues. let's go! let's go, let's go, let's go! take a seat down there. second from the end. all right, everybody here?

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